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We are two independent developers with passion to make good games.
We are focusing on platforms such as iOS, Android,Windows Phone.
We love to play games and we love to make games even more!

我们关注于iOS, Android, Windows Phone开发平台。

Route Line:
2011.04 Techone Game Studios Established. Website: techonegame.com
2011.11 The game “Final Escape” made by Unity3d engine on-line Apple Store.
2012.05 The multi-platform game “Zoom Man” is on-line ios, android, mac platform.
2012.11 “Zoom Man” The Fourth China game developer, the non-professional group – Best Game Creative Award for the second.
2012.12 “Zoom Man” China Mobile millions of youth entrepreneurship  “Social Excellence Award”
2014.09 DaLian JI WAN Technology Co., Ltd. Established.

2011.04 成立Techone Game Studios。
2011.11 采用unity3d引擎开发的游戏《Final Escape》上线apple store
2012.05 开发的多平台游戏《变焦人》登陆ios,android,mac等平台。
2014.09 大连即玩科技有限公司成立。

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